The process is handmade. The results of visiting Gamma factory by specialists of Royal Room showroom

At the first stage of production the masters study the untreated wood for future skeletons carefully and remove possible defects. After that they manufacture individual parts of a carcass according to the design of a model. Environmentally friendly products and certified materials are used during the installation. A good example is elastic belts that are wider than those that are usually used in furniture production. They guarantee a long life of sofas and a special comfort. In a high-quality production the marking phase is an important and delicate process, when the best parts of each individual skin, revealing the beauty of natural leather, are accurately recognized. At the next stage cardboard templates are carefully installed on the selected parts. The final product, made in very soft leather, heterogeneous by the nature, emphasize the wealth of a natural leather surface and rewards the masters of this very important production stage with its beauty.

The only electrical cutting machine on Gamma factory is the one that is used for cutting the covers of the inner parts of the furniture and textile, designed mostly for the pillows and decorative accessories. Cutting the skin is completely handmade by the women with the scissors or special knifes, depends on the thickness of the skin, follow the contours of the previous markup. Expanded parts are checked up, distributed among themselves and fit into the trolleys, ready to go to the hands of seamstresses.

There is a big attention to every stage of the production in Gamma, especially to the process of sewing. Attention to details is expressed here best. The stitches, perfectly made with the help of special machines using threads of different colors and thickness, are expressed in a special elegance of the Italian style, emphasizing the proportions of the furniture. It is truly a sewing studio ready to satisfy expectations, requests and tastes of dealers and project managers, working on the interiors of exclusive houses, hotels and luxurious yachts, in more than 70 countries of the World.

The upholsterers are the keepers of the art of ancient masters. Their work needs adroitness, energy and accuracy. It is a team, inspired by the constant desire for the perfection. Each sofa is assembled from the details of upholstery in different shapes and the filler. Due to the mastery of the upholsterer, the final product becomes the genuine expression of the philosophy of the company Gamma.