The quality is our aim. The results of visiting Gamma factory by specialists of Royal Room showroom

The quality doesn’t compromise. It is the main reason why Gamma gives maximum attention to finding the best raw materials. Leather is in the priority surely, and it needs to match the high quality standards in the company. All skins have big size and thickness – up to 4,5 mm. Within many years of working together with few reliable Italian tanneries, Gamma has always been in a research of new methods of tannings to get the original and high-quality skins that would give an unchangeable aesthetical value to the products.

The quality is the aim for Gamma from the designer’s sketch and the prototype to the final product. All participants in the production chain, as well as suppliers of raw materials, have one aim – to make the high-quality product. Choosing the materials, controlling all the stages of the production and checking up for the last time before the dispatch guarantee an excellent product «Made in Italy», Gamma Style without compromise to our clients.