It’s not a secret that the current exhibition in Milan has always been a forward in furniture and design World. This is a place, where new designers and architects are faced, making the biggest deals in this industry. This year the headliner of the forum is a modern elegancy with the balance between minimalism and […]

Tonin Casa Company introduced the furniture news on Salone De Mobile in Milan. Products from designer Angelo Tomaiuolo needs a special attention. They appeared from an idea of innovative technologies and natural forms synthesis – in a form of elegant and modern furnishings. Leather upholstered chest of drawers with rhomboid stitching mirror inserts and chrome […]

It all began in 1967 thanks to the creative inspiration of Alberto Smania, who worked in iron manufacturing. The company’s founder begins his adventure in the furnishing world creating his first low table. It is but a short step from iron to wood: tables, chairs, beds, bookcases are created. All pieces of furniture were characterized […]

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