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Everything starts here. As is often the case in Italian manufacturing, MASIERO is a family business. The company was formed back in 1981 as Emme Pi Light, and assumed the name of MASIERO in 2005, when Enrico Maria Masiero, the son of the company’s founders Paolo Masiero and Marilena Pellizzato joined the firm. MASIERO is […]

The 2nd edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai closed to great acclaim. The exhibition showcased the very best Made in Italy furnishing and design at the SEC – Shanghai Exhibition Centre – ended with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and optimism. 109 Italian brands filled the entire exhibition space and offered Chinese visitors different furnishing experiences, […]

Since 2007 Alpaka factory creates high-quality collections of clothes and home objects made of alpaca fibre. Due to soft and silky surface of this wonderful South American animal, all objects are obtained not only exquisite, but also pleasant to the touch. And the list of the merits is much longer than this. The specialists of […]

The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina, every six months. Serious retail home furnishings buyers, interior designers and architects come here every year. The direction of Royal Room showroom has also visited High Point exhibition this October and […]

The quality doesn’t compromise. It is the main reason why Gamma gives maximum attention to finding the best raw materials. Leather is in the priority surely, and it needs to match the high quality standards in the company. All skins have big size and thickness – up to 4,5 mm. Within many years of working […]

At the first stage of production the masters study the untreated wood for future skeletons carefully and remove possible defects. After that they manufacture individual parts of a carcass according to the design of a model. Environmentally friendly products and certified materials are used during the installation. A good example is elastic belts that are […]

Significant transformations of the world market, started in the 90th and characterized by internationalization and a gradual change in taste, influenced the concept of the factory. Now there is an ability to give the decisions, targeted at satisfying any needs of a higher market segment. Since 2000 Rugiano factory decided to diversify its collections, adding […]

In 1989 25-year old Luigi Rugiano decided to realize his business idea about successful company, specialized on a luxurious furniture production. This is how Rugiano factory was born. It is located in Mariano Comense, just in the heart of Brianze, a world-known furniture district. During a lot of years this region was and remains the […]

It all started with a strong friendship, a common passion to interior that Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti, the founders and owners of the company, have always been sharing. Carla Botti successfully uses a great administrative experience in Gamma International, that she got in one of the prestigious national companies of Italy. At the same […]

Isaloni WorldWide Moscow was held this autumn in Crocus expo. About 300 European companies presented the news of the furniture, lightning and decoration 2017. Royal Room showroom became one of the participants. Isaloni Moscow exhibition is deservedly claimed one of the most prestigious events of the World in a field of design. This is because […]

It’s not a secret that the current exhibition in Milan has always been a forward in furniture and design World. This is a place, where new designers and architects are faced, making the biggest deals in this industry. This year the headliner of the forum is a modern elegancy with the balance between minimalism and […]

Tonin Casa Company introduced the furniture news on Salone De Mobile in Milan. Products from designer Angelo Tomaiuolo needs a special attention. They appeared from an idea of innovative technologies and natural forms synthesis – in a form of elegant and modern furnishings. Leather upholstered chest of drawers with rhomboid stitching mirror inserts and chrome […]

It all began in 1967 thanks to the creative inspiration of Alberto Smania, who worked in iron manufacturing. The company’s founder begins his adventure in the furnishing world creating his first low table. It is but a short step from iron to wood: tables, chairs, beds, bookcases are created. All pieces of furniture were characterized […]